Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Bargains at Amazon!

If, like me, you love a bargain, well we all do don't we, then you probably search the web aswell, looking for them. I sometimes come across some lovely ones, so I thought I would start sharing any that I do find x


Amazon is usually a great place to find bargains.

I've just purchased this lovely bargain, for my little granddaughter - LeapFrog Touch Magic Ocean Music School  It teaches the names of animals, instruments and colours, plays music and lights up, its got some good reviews and being Leapfrog, I'm sure will be a great toy for any little one. The recommended age is 3+. Its priced at £6.59 at the moment but, as usual, won't be at this price for long,

 Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Figure Pack  - £16.77
Price now gone upto £23.13 for these, could still be a good deal if you are wanting them all!

I've just ordered these for my granddaughter, to go with the Disney Palace that I bought her for xmas - Fisher-Price Little People Disney Princess Figure Pack for £16.77. These usually sell for around £10 for 2, so for 7, it's a really good bargain. Ok, some of the reviews are correct, stating that Cinderella and Snow White are included, when these actually come with the palace itself, so you probably won't need them, but you can always keep them as spares, just in case and you still get 5 different ones for that price, so still a good bargain!

Just to add, the prices on Amazon do change very frequently, so may not stay at this price!

 Moshi Monsters Moshling Treehouse (figures not included) - £5.18

I've just found this whilst I've been looking Moshi Monsters Moshling Treehouse (figures not included) for £5.18 with free delivery.  Now, I don't know a great deal about Moshi Monsters, but I've had a quick look around other sites and most are double the price and don't appear to include figures, I may be wrong, that could be why its so cheap, if not, then its a great bargain for any Moshi Monster fans!

 Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Fun to Fix Boys Gift Set - £4.99 + £1.48 delivery

This looks a great little gift set from Fisher-Price Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Fun To Fix Boys Gift Set , it says for boys, but I'm sure little girls would have just as much fun, it says ages from 3 - 18 months. It contains three rattle/teethers. Cute little set!


Yankee Candle Tarts

There are still some bargain Yankee Candle Tarts from Yankee Direct on Amazon, I have bought quite alot from here and delivery is usually quick, about 2 to 3 days.
Baby Powder 
Beech Wood
Pink Sands  
Home Sweet Home
Clean Cotton
Honey and Spice
Garden Sweet Pea

These are all @ 94p, delivery is 99p, but you can order quite a few and that is all it costs. There are a few more tarts for this price on the site aswell.

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